What is iUnfollow?

iUnfollow is a new Twitter app that allows users to discover people who don't follow you or who do follow you and


. To start right away, login to twitter.

Key Features:
  • You can create a Whitelist which excludes the users you add to it.
  • The Fans page displays people who are following you and you are not following them.
  • You can check your History to see if you unfollowed/followed someone.
  • Keyboard short-cuts to save you time when unfollowing. Press u to


    and s to Skip.
  • AJAX processing that allows users to unfollow quickly and efficiently with a scrolling table.
  • Easy to use interface and constant updates. You can check out the latest news on our blog.
  • You can now cancel your following requests to protected users. You may have hundreds of requests and they all count on your following/follower ratio.

We strive to be the best twitter unfollow tool on the net. We hope you enjoy your stay.