What is iUnfollow?

iUnfollow is a new Twitter app that allows users to discover people who don't follow you or who do follow you and


. To start right away, login to twitter.

Key Features:
  • You can create a Whitelist which excludes the users you add to it.
  • The Fans page displays people who are following you and you are not following them.
  • You can check your History to see if you unfollowed/followed someone.
  • Keyboard short-cuts to save you time when unfollowing. Press u to


    and s to Skip.
  • AJAX processing that allows users to unfollow quickly and efficiently with a scrolling table.
  • Easy to use interface and constant updates. You can check out the latest news on our blog.
  • You can now cancel your following requests to protected users. You may have hundreds of requests and they all count on your following/follower ratio.

We strive to be the best twitter unfollow tool on the net. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Recent News

We are revamping the website this coming winter. Our big concern is site speed. We realize the site may go down from time to time from over-use. The resolution to our problem either is to buy a bigger and better server, which would cost us more money, or we can upgrade and optimize the site so it can reach its full potential. We have decided with the latter and hope to increase the speeds by 30-50%. We hope you support our decision; and as always, enjoy iUnfollow!

-Posted on November 22nd, 06:12 PM by Brad